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Casual Blogging with Skopje Casual - Weekly Dose of Acceleration

News Posted on 02/03/2016 in Academy

We just had the most casual weekly dose session... You probably guessed with who - the girls from Skopje Casual.

They shared the story of how Skopje Casual started 4 years ago and everything that has happened since then. They talked about the fashion scene in Skopje, about their goal to promote casual clothing and support young people to build their own style.

Iva, Kalina and Sandra are great supporters of other fashion bloggers too. They want to help build the fashion blogging community and they believe there are bloggers out there who have their own unique style that is worth to be shown, which is why they organize the #bloggersmeetups and are also the organizers of the bloggers challenge. They are also proud creator of their own casual collection. "There are pieces of clothing that fit perfectly in our style, but we couldn't find them here - so we created them". - said Iva.

Iva, Kalina and Sandra are the girls who encourage us to love fashion and feel free to express our style. Their love for fashion and blogging inspires them to keep building and improving every day and we cannot wait to see what they are preparing for the future.

Thank you for being our guests tonight and we'll see you tomorrow at Skopje Casual's 4th birthday party!