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Dejan Gavrilovic, Software Engineer Intern in SAP in California as a part of the New Man’s USA Internship program

News Posted on 19/12/2018 in USA Internships

NewMan’s: What was your motive to participate in the New Man’s USA Internship program?
Dejan: To learn the best technologies and practices in web development and to explore a different culture.

NewMan’s: Tell us about your internship in USA.
Dejan: My internship is in Palo Alto, California and I am interning in SAP conversational AI team working as front-end intern coding interesting features and coming up with intelligent solutions.

NewMan’s: Describe a day in your life in the USA?
Dejan: I wake up, do my morning routine at home, go to work with a bike, spend the working hours at SAP offices solving tasks, collaborating, eating and even exercising! It is amazing that we have the freedom to manage our own day and we strive to get a certain number of tasks per day. After work I go home and have something to eat, then I usually spent the evening hours watching series or reading books and sometimes going out for a walk, during weekends we usually go hiking in the near mountains or hanging out in downtown bars or restaurants.

NewMan’s: What are the advantages that this USA internship brings compared with your previous experience?
Dejan: The main advantage, in my opinion, is that I have the opportunity here to learn from the best and enjoy my days in unique and new environments.

NewMan’s: What do you like the most in the American business culture?
Dejan: The fact that you manage your own work style and have the freedom to choose when to work on certain tasks and when to have a break and exercise or eat.

NewMan’s: What’s the most valuable gain in the personal growth that this exchange brings to you?
Dejan: Improved self-management and discipline, improved collaboration and team skills, learning new mindfulness techniques and amazing productivity concepts.

NewMan’s: How did you cope with cultural differences?
Dejan: It is amazing and rewarding to work with people from different cultures especially because I get to learn from them different lifestyles and ways of doing things but also their view on the world. I have no difficulty adapting to them.

NewMan’s: What are your plans for the future? How will you incorporate the internship in your future goals?
Dejan: My plans are still not crystal clear but there are a few potential possibilities that I am willing to consider, one is continuing master's degree in computer science and then finding a good job, 2nd option is using the skills I learn here to continue my work in the online world as a freelance developer or even as a startup founder.

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