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How to create a motivational culturally diverse working environment?

News Posted on 17/12/2018 in USA Internships

The idea about hosting an international intern might seem like something more of a challenge or just an unnecessary load of paperwork than a possibility for an environment of blissful exchange. Why should you go globally when you can go locally? Why should you accommodate someone from a totally different background than you are used to? Here are some of the reasons that will change your mind:

Cultural Diversity: Bringing a special and unique cultural dimension to the workplace is one of the main reasons why companies are choosing to host international interns and trainees. Host organizations reveal that exchange visitor participants broaden perspectives of current staff through exposure to different cultures (75.3%) and create cultural diversity in staff (74.8%). The majority of host organizations (71.0%) also indicate that the program helps staff develop intercultural communication skills. Promoting cross-cultural ideas and understanding will take your company to a new level.

International Insight: Interns may bring a new perspective and academic knowledge that you, as a company can find useful. Even if your company does not do business with other countries, hosting an international intern is guaranteed to provide you with new ways of thinking and insights that your business may otherwise not have access to. Their unique educational and professional backgrounds provide them with fresh perspectives on a range of tasks and projects.

Mentorship Opportunities: Many employees look to mentor young people. An internship program provides an opportunity for your current employees to connect with the interns or trainees with the goal to mentor them. This mentorship program will provide personal motivation for both parties and with that enable the growth of your business’s culture.

Workload Relief: While learning the trade the intern can take over some of the work tasks of your staff, this will allow the full-time employees to have some of their duties covered and this will be one of the main benefits especially if you are a small business. The main goal for the intern is to continue the learning process, so this doesn’t mean that you will replace an employee. It just gives the opportunity to the trainee to be part of meaningful and crucial parts of your business and with that to reduce the tensions in your company.

To conclude starting a formal internship program is an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage while strengthening your company’s position. It gives you the chance to mentor the rising stars and recruit possible talents while you are empowering your current staff and enabling them to grow their leadership skills. Don’t miss the chance to build a culturally diverse working environment that motivates everyone!

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