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Idea - Inspiration - Realization with Vladimir Ristevski

News Posted on 10/05/2016 in Academy

At the eleventh Weekly Dose of Acceleration we had Vladimir Ristevski, co-founder of PIXEL marketing agency as our guest. On the topic Idea - Inspiration - Realization, Vladimir shared his experience about the steps he took in his early career and the professional growth he had.

Vlatko told us a few tips for sales that he has learned through the process of trying and failing over the years. "Two things are very important in sales: do you believe in the product and does the customer need that product" says Vladimir. Educating the consumers is very important as well.

At the end, Vlatko talked about his company PIXEL and what it means to be a co-founder. According to him, the most important thing in a company are the people and every founder needs to put a lot of attention in creating an excellent team. "Nowadays everything is seen through money. People start a business and after a few months without profit, they give up! This is the main problem and that's why the idea you are developing needs to represent You." - said Vlatko.

We would like to thank Vladimir for the inspiring lecture. See you on the next Weekly Dose of Acceleration with Viktorija and Magdalena from Preplet.

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