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Serial entrepreneur David Goldsmith advising Macedonian companies

News Posted on 15/08/2016 in Smart-Up Center

Оnce in every 3 months we strive to bring one of our international partners in Republic of Macedonia, so we can give value to local companies that we work with, in receiving advice, team building and motivation, making business relations and exploring opportunities.

These past 3 days we had the opportunity to welcome David Goldsmith, a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, advisor and consultant in the Goldsmith Organization, as well as founder of, Buzd, LLC and Innosect. David had meetings with the companies about their business and product development, motivation, team building and trained them to be better sales persons.

We really hope that we gave value to each one of the companies and we want you to aspire growth and use every bit of information that you got these days! And David, we cannot be more grateful for your dedication to work and help businesses grow in Macedonia. Thank you for bringing new perspectives, positive energy and opportunities for us all! ‪