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Solving society's problems through business

News Posted on 09/06/2016 in Academy

Yesterday's Weekly Dose changed our mindset about social entrepreneurship. Ljubomir Stojcheski, founder of Freshys shared his experience on leading a business that aims to make a change and is doing so for the last 5 months. Freshys is the first healthy fast food restaurant that donates 34% of their income to homeless people.

Ljubomir told us about the beauty of having a social business and how every one of us can get included, whether by having this type of business or volunteering in one of the organizations that have the same goal. Every Saturday, the team from Freshys along with volunteers from the organizations "Retweet a meal" and "True works of Love", prepare food for more than 180 homeless people in Skopje.

"In the future we plan to expand by starting collaboration with other restaurants and retailers that have big amounts of food that can be donated, but we also want to make discounts for different types of citizens. From this month on, every student will be able to buy our products with a 10% discount." says Ljubomir.

It's motivating to know that entrepreneurs don't work just to make a profit, but they dedicate their time to make a change. We would like to thank Ljubomir for being our guest and all of you who participated on the 15th Weekly Dose session. See you next Wednesday with a new inspiring story!