Mr. Lee is trying his best to make an impact in the NewSpace that resulted in the opening of the market to private institutions. He joined KARI (Korean Aerospace Research Institute) in 2002 and worked for 16 years on the launch vehicle KSLV (Naro-1) and the satellites Arirang-2 (KOMPSAT-2) and Chollian (COMS-1) projects. After being in charge of important researches for these projects, Dr. Lee decided to join the private space industry by establishing his own company, spin-off of KARI.

He is not only active in the field of providing ground station and satellite image application services but he is also very active in the field of defense and telecommunications by being the vice-president and board member of KASA (Korea Armaments Safety Association) and of Korea ITU (International Telecommunication Union).

For his contributions on the launching of Naro-1, Dr. Lee also received the Award of Excellence (National Research & Development) from the Ministry of Education in 2017, as well as the Star-Exploration Award from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future planning for CONTEC’s contribution in the industrialization of technologies as a space venture start-up.

From its foundation to now, and despite the fact that it is a start-up, CONTEC achieved to grow continuously at a local and global scale by building a great network of clients and partners, extending its business field and finally open a branch in Luxembourg this year and participates in many events.

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October 22nd, Tuesday, 12:00pm-1:00pm Panel 6: Data Mining, Satellite Services and Small Satellites Manufacturing

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Company details:

CONTEC is a spin-off company from KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) which was established in 2015 on Jan 5th and is offering Space Ground Station Services and Satellite Image Processing & Application Services as well as whole ground integration solutions.

Currently, 28 engineers work for CONTEC, and 50% of them have a Master or a Ph.D. degree, along with great experience in the space industry. With these services and powerful manpower, we are trying to provide a meaningful value for prospective customers in the New Space Age.

CONTEC is currently providing space ground station services through our own ground station and partners’ ground stations over the world. In addition, we provide satellite image processing and application services on raw satellite image data by applying deep learning algorithms in order to detect several interesting objects, service required by our customers.
Through Space Tech Convention, as the CEO of CONTEC, Dr. Lee hopes to meet great new possible clients and partners to work with and create more values to share.