Dr. Tomaz Rotovnik


Tomaz Rotovnik is CEO and cofounder of the SkyLabs company. After he finished Phd at the University of Maribor he started as a head of the AV department in SkyLabs partner company Teletech.

Since 2016, he has been employed at SkyLabs and also the head of the SkyLabs research group.

His scientific and research work covers various areas from signal processing, pattern recognition, AI topics to EO remote sensing.

Along with other co-founders, he established a solid, fast-growing company providing miniaturized on-board data handling solutions and innovative approach to space engineering.

SkyLabs is primarily focusing onto high-tech tailor-made solution development, including fault tolerant hardware and software development, radiation hardened by design IP core development and space/ground segment communication.

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October 22nd, Tuesday, 12:00pm-1:00pm Panel 6: Data Mining, Satellite Services and Small Satellites Manufacturing

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Company details:

SkyLabs developed two key European technologies to enable more affordable design of next-generation nano satellite platforms: small processing core (PicoSkyFT) capable of reliable operation in extreme conditions such as space, which is at the moment the only small-scale soft-core fault tolerant solution within the EU and the so-called miniaturized latch-up current limiters (LCLs).

Today the SkyLabs company is already internationally recognized especially in the segment of nano scale satellite platforms by providing new technical solutions / products built around the PicoSkyFT processor, such as high-performance onboard computer with support for AI (HPC-AI), communication modules (S-band, C-band, UHV, VHF), remote terminal units and power distribution systems.

SkyLabs vision is to innovate the space market with disruptive technologies, products and solutions to change the layout of space – to make space affordable.