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Weekly Dose of acceleration - Idea Generation

Event Posted on 29/09/2016 in Smart-Up Center

"All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea." - Napoleon Hill

Ideas are the moving power of humanity. Starting from a simple wheel in the stone age, to the firs airplanes and mobile phones. Innovative ideas come from revolutionary changes in the society.!
Everything around us, before getting its material form it used to be just an idea.

Knowing how important an idea is for starting a business, the third Weekly dose of Acceleration powered by GIST will be all about "Idea Generation"
Our guests for this week are:
Ilijancho Gagovski - co-founder of PrymApps!
Aleksandar Nikov – director of innovations at Netcetera!

Through their personal professional experience and mindset, we will cover subjects as:
- How to spark up the creative process of developing ideas
- Techniques for developing ideas
- Choosing and idea
- Evaluating an idea
- Implementation and realization

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