Imran Shaikh

IMRAN SHAIKH, Chief Financial Officer of Tachyon Aerospace
London, UK

Imran is currently a CFO of Tachyon Aerospace and its subsidiary companies, as well as for DAX Global (Crypto/Block-chain industry).

He holds 18 years of banking and financial services experience with major investment banks including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank.

He has also been a Programme Manager within Technology with a great track record of delivering Strategic and Regulatory change.

Imran has proven commercial awareness, governance and strategic planning and implementation as a NED & Executive Director and has a habit of questioning the norm, whilst ensuring global harmonisation, greater efficiency and economy. He is an active mentor to many startups.

Company details:

Tachyon Aerospace has designed a flight system that offers advancements in the areas of propulsion, fuel efficiency, on-board fuel production plants, avionics, radiation shielding, and power cells to the existing aerospace sector and additional solutions to markets such as the automotive & power industries.

Our aim is to provide a fully integrated flight system capable of daily multiple trans-atmospheric flights to conduct commercial and government air-to-space missions. What makes this project exceptionally cutting edge is that it will pave the way for a new generation of flight vehicles that are practical, hold a lightweight structure, deliver a quick turn-around for reusability, and integrate a “scalable system.”

This will drastically reduce fuel consumption for existing flight vehicles capable of taking off and landing from conventional runways, revolutionizing the aerospace industry.

The proprietary compartmental technologies alone associated with Tachyon Aerospace’s project, the Trans-Atmospheric Flight Vehicle (TAV 1), represent a divergent form of innovation and cooperation based on a new configuration of contemporary physics.