Irena Chausevska

Irena Chaushevska, Founder & CEO of NewMan’s Business Accelerator / CoFounder of MARSS and Nucxleus
Skopje, MK and Los Angeles, USA

Irena is the Founder and CEO of the 1st Startup Accelerator established in Macedonia and among the first in the South-East Europe – the “NewMan’s Business Accelerator” and of the Macedonian Association for Rocketry, Science and Space (MARSS). She has 18+ years combined experience in entrepreneurship, startup ecosystems, corporate/investment law, innovation, business and technology.

She started her career as a 19 years old in the Macedonian Army and the Cabinet of the President of Macedonia while studying to become a Lawyer. She thinks interdisciplinary and likes to bring together knowledge and experience from different areas in creating new concepts and products. When she was little she loved to build mechanical toys in her grandfather’s garage and doing various experiments while growing up.

Irena is pursuing the Finance and Investment Portfolios Professional course at Stanford School of Engineering. She also holds a Bachelor of Laws, a Master’s Degree in Marketing (Sheffield University) and Executive Education in Government Negotiations from the Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University).

Irena was the 1st invited speaker from Macedonia at Stanford University (“European Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and “How to launch a startup from a Hackathon”). She is an Alumni of the Singularity University in Silicon Valley (2016) for which she won a full Google Scholarship to practise Exponential Technologies Innovations and a Fellow of the U.S. State Department of the Young Transatlantic Innovative Leaders (2017).

Selected as Industry Leader & Innovator by the UN Women for Europe and Asia (2019) as part of the global campaign “Changing the Rules of the Game”, invited as one of the 5 speakers at the USAID 25 Year Anniversary Leadership Conference “Macedonia’s Journey from Development to Self-Reliance” (2018) and pronounced a Women Entrepreneurial Leader by the International Council for Small Business, Washington D.C. (2014).

Irena is Co-holder of 4 patents and Investor and co-founder in 3 startups: Nucxleus (HR platform and Career profiling assessment, lnternStellar (International Internships, SpaceAuroras (Multilayered Space Suit with a liquid cooling pressurisation), Pixel Chain Security (Blockchain algorithm for validation of the authenticity and the authorship of the audio-visual data).

She launched the 1st Space Tech Convention in Silicon Valley in California in 2017 with speakers from the NASA Ames Research Center, SAP and representatives of the local space ecosystem. In 2019 she initiated the idea the 2nd Space Tech Convention to take place in Europe – the city of Skopje and to have a transatlantic character with participants from USA, Europe and Asia, in order to open new possibilities and stimulate cooperation.

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October 21st, Monday, 11:30am-12:30pm Panel 2: Which existing Earth industries can target the Space markets

October 23rd, Wednesday, 1:00pm-2:15pm Moderator of the Roundtable: Startup Investing & Technology Commercialization

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Company details:

NewMan’s Business Accelerator is the first startup accelerator in Republic of Macedonia and one of the first in the region of South-East Europe.

Over the last 5 years the Accelerators have hosted over 160 startup events, and have worked with over 1200 individual entrepreneurs and 430 startup teams. NewMan’s have organized high-tech trainings for over 6500 participants.

Our team and startups took part in over 30 events in tUSA and Europe and spread the message about the high potential of the young Macedonian talents. We have also helped many hubs in the region with their acceleration programs.

Today NewMan’s Business Accelerator runs more interconnected programs in the area of education, entrepreneurship, corporate innovations and investments.

For 7 years we organise the NASA’s startups competition for Earth and Space innovations “NASA Space Apps Challenge“ in Silicon Valley & Macedonia (200+ locations worldwide/2500+ teams/25000 participants/year) and for 2 years for the ESA’s startups competition “Act in Space” in USA & Macedonia.

Moreover, we have developed 3 software platforms for our own needs but also as stand-alone products in the areas of Human resources, Interns matchmaking, Startups trainings and investments.

Seavus is a company that constantly develops, invests, and cares about its employees’ knowledge, courage, imagination and responsibility. It is a company with employees bound by their commitment and trust and will exceed the company goals.