Kristijan Danilovski

KRISTIJAN DANILOVSKI, CoFounder of Fx3x and Nucxleus, Board Member of MARSS
Skopje, MK / Los Angeles, USA

Kristijan Danilovski has been at the forefront of Visual Effects and CG animation in South East Europe since the early 1990s – mainly in TV, first as a cg animation artist, later moving to supervision and production roles.

He co-founded fx3x in 1997 as a first class VFX and CG animation company in Macedonia, and was a leading force in growing the company from 2 to 200+ people. Today the company has its offices in Skopje (Macedonia), Los Angeles and Toronto, Canada and is valued partner of most of the leading movie and animation studios in the world. By 2019, under his leadership, the fx3x team have worked on over 120+ blockbuster movies and franchises like Jurassic World, Marvel’s The Avengers, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Transformers, Terminator, DC’s Justice League, Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious, Alien (Prometheus) as well as the Oscar winning Life of Pi, The Martian, The Revenant… as well as animated features like Rango, also TV series Star Trek: Discovery (s01,s02); The Game of Thrones (s05, s06); Stranger Things… Also he executive produced the animated series: PBS’ Splash and Bubbles, Sid the Science Kid and Word Party.

Looking back, following a string of successes in Europe, Kristijan Danilovski was the key figure in bringing part of the visual effects for “The Aviator” (2004) to Macedonia, a region’s first.

In 2007 Kristijan Danilovski was nominated for an EMMY award for VFX, and a year later he became a member of the Academy for TV Arts and Sciences and a member of The Visual Effects Society.

In 2008 he supervised fx3x’s work on the Academy Award winning “The Golden Compass”. Continuing in the following years he worked as fx3x’s Executive producer for VFX on several feature films like the Academy Award nominated “Transformers: Dark of The Moon” in 2010, the Academy Award nominated “Prometheus” and “The Avengers”, as well as on the Academy Award winning “The Life of Pi” in 2012, and in the 2012 Oscar winning animated feature film Rango.

Kristijan Danilovski is also Co-Founder of Nucxleus – an HR Platform for personality assessment and career profiling.

A Mechanical Engineer himself, Kristijan is a space enthusiast, supporter of space related startup projects and a Board Member of the Macedonian Association for Rocketry, Science and Space (MARSS)

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Company details:

THE FX3X TEAM numbers over 200 people, with dedicated teams for roto/paint, matchmove, comp, CG asset build, light/ render, animation, simulation, Motion Capture, POST/DI and production.

It is a perfect blend of homegrown and talent with international experience, most of it on blockbuster feature films and TV series, always up for the next challenge and always eager to excel. Whether it is a complex hero shot, a highly detailed hero CG Creature, an ultra real simulation, or extremely precise roto/paint/matchmove element, our team always delivers, on time and on budget. That’s why our team moto is: “Star Performance without the Star Attitude”

The necessity for quick and accurate assessment of the capacity, fit and potential of the key people and teams in the organizations has never been more prominent and bottom-line related as now. The technological advances, competitive demands for talent and candidate-centric hiring are demanding changes in the assessment methods since the old tools are not as effective as they were 10-20 years ago.

Nucxleus™ all-in-one Career Profile & Talent Assessment is a psychometric test that evaluates the capacity and potential of your current and future key employees to thrive at the positions you envision for them. Within only 30 minutes, it measures the 16 most relevant personality traits and the respondent’s potential.

Nucxleus™ algorithms are based on: 1) Years of experience of our team in the area of international recruitment, 2) The most prominent publicly available studies in the area performed by Deloitte, PwC, UBS, Harvard Business School, and most important 3) Three years of targeted research and focus groups with 1200 Top & Middle managers worldwide.