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Our Strategic Focus

Although we are privately owned accelerator and we don’t operate with financial support by national or regional funds in lack of governmentally backed “ecosystem accelerators” in most of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe we took over the important role of being exactly that an ECOSYSTEM ACCELERATOR before anything else but beyond the national borders, since we strongly consider that it is the only right approach for these segmented markets with limited “startups ingredients” such as talent, free finances and customers.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission is to stimulate startup activity in CEE and to develop a REGIONAL ECOSYSTEM OF STARTUPS WITH GLOBAL POTENTIAL, which will drive value all stakeholders: to local economies in terms of GDP and employment rates, to investors in terms of ROI, to corporate supporters in terms of new technologies and higher sale and above all to young talents and professionals in terms of empowerment with right tools, mindset and opportunities to build more independently their lives, careers and better future for all.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Great combination of the best characteristics of the three accelerator archetypes (governments, investors and corporates backed) in one place, which provides entrepreneurs with much more benefits and opportunities along with lot of independence and flexibility for the small challenge of paying reasonable amount of monthly fee.

• In-depth developed curriculum with structured training sessions, workshops, practical learning-oriented events;
• Mentors who act as consultants and business developers, with much more hands-on approach than in the typical “investors” or “corporate” accelerators where their involvement is mainly informal and unstructured.
• Access to our own regional fund of 150.000 US$ and our USA fund of 15.000.000 US$ as well as to our international investors portfolios.
• Access to global institutions and companies with funds and interest to support startup projects.


DURATION: 24 weeks.

PRICE: 6300 € per team (Scholarships up to 50% in exchange of 10% equity).

Intensive and structured program of total of 35 sessions (each 3 hours) twice per week for period of 4 months on 8 core topics on building a product, incorporating a company and becoming investors ready plus 2 more months of actually running the company with our mentors assistance.

To practice your business knowledge and skills on the real market, to actually build the product and all necessary aspects around it, to pivot its first version and make necessary improvements.

Teams from our Smart-up school, entrepreneurs with previous experience or teams from corporations building spin-off product.

30 mentors (8 on the core topics plus 22 more available depending on the specifics of the products).

• Built MVP or the actual product/service;
• Created Business Strategy and Business Plan;
• Created Go-to-market Strategy and Action Plan;
• Placed MVP or product/service on the market;
• Market feedback and implemented first improvements;
• Incorporated company and making the first big decisions involving finances, legal issues, founders relations, employee benefits.