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Career Edge with Ivana Najdoska

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Duration 3 weeks
Project Individual Career and Education Plan


To create new learning opportunities for young people, better prepare and inform them about future job opportunities. The course is structured in a way that will develop skilled future workforce and will implement relevant hands-on learning and experience.


Personal Development

Identifying value, interest, ways of learning and strategies, setting goals, planning and folowing progress
Gained Soft Skills: Estimating, Setting goals, planning and monitoring of personal progress.

Killer CV and Cover Letter

Applying for a job position, writing job applications, short biographies and CV’s, cover letters, reccommendations and interview.
Gained Soft Skills: Finding and analyzing information, Effective Speaking and Listening, Writing and preparation of representative documents.

Work-life balance

Appropriate behavior and attitudes in the workplace, organization of time, establishing a balance between work and private life.
Gained Soft Skills: Adequate behavior at work, Time management and Organization of private and professional life.

Communication skills

Speaking and listening, observing and giving instructions and receiving feedback, forms of communication in the workplace, co-operating / teamwork, problem solving, negotiation, conflict resolution, recognition of non-verbal communication, Seeking clarification, identification and practice.

Team work and leadership

Characteristics of an effective leader, styles of leadership, organizing and motivating others, team building, leading others to solve problems and conflicts.
Gained Soft Skills: Team work, leading others, giving and receiving a response to feedback.

Developing career plan

Designing individual career plan, career guidance and information.


Certified trainer for personal development, communication skills, team work and leadreship, workplace behavior and financial skills.
Certified trainer for Work Based Learning.
Certified trainer for designing and using on-line career portfolio platforms.

Subject Mentor

Ivana Najdoska

Ivana Najdoska

Talen Value and NewMan's Academy Manager