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Контент маркетинг, блогирање и социјални медиуми со Ивица Пениќ

Promo Duration
03/02/2016 to 23/03/2016

Through the course the students will develop their knowledge and know how skills in order to create a content marketing strategy and framework for your organization, to identify what makes good content and use it through multiple channels with final purpose to learn how to develop and implement online campaign.
Learning outcomes:
· What different types of content types and how to create them
· Identify the best content marketing mix for your business
· What publishing options and tools there are and how to use them
· How to use multiple channels for content marketing – Email, blogging, landing pages & micro sites, social media, PR, article marketing
· How to write SEO optimized content for the Web
· Use content marketing to generate leads through lead funnels
· How to attract your target audience and segment them top market more effectively
· Use marketing automation to nurture your leads for conversion
· How to use content marketing to encourage user generated content
· Use content marketing to become an influencer and trusted resource
· Guidelines and best practice using our 7 steps to success planning process
· Apply proven methods using real life examples and case studies
· Tracking and measuring success

Subject Mentor

Ivica Penic

Ivica Penic

Manager of Regional Development at NewMan's Business Accelerator