Ilija Kjiroski

ILIJA KJIROSKI, Product Manager and Business Developer at EVN Macedonia
Skopje, MK

Ilija Kjiroski is a product manager and business development professional at EVN in Macedonia.

Leading the value added energy services segment Ilija is implementing a completely new portfolio of services and products to the market, in line with market requirements and technological opportunities, while increasing the competitive advantages of the brand.

During the last year, Ilija has gained enormous experience and know-how about the renewables segment, energy efficiency and environment protection and gained several certifications and recognitions.

He also performs highly as an active member of the society and participates in various projects run by NGOs.

Ilija holds a master degree in economics. In his spare time, he run marathons, read books and play with his lovely daughter.

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October 22nd, Tuesday, 4:00pm-5:00pm Panel 7: Hardware, Robotics and Electronics for Space and Earth Innovations

October 23rd, Wednesday, 9:00am-10:00am Keynote “The Case of Slovenia: From Earth to Space with Smart Cities and Smart Tourism”

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Company details:

EVN AD Skopje is an energy company that operates on the Macedonian market since 2006. It is a part of EVN AG, a leading European brand for energy and environmental related services. In the past years, EVN invested over 360 Mio EUR in the improvement of the overall quality of the electricity supply, distribution and customer service overall.

EVN Home

The most recent member of the EVN family – EVN Home performs the role of a Universal supplier and a Supplier of last resort. EVN Home serves all households and businesses with less than 50 employees and annual revenue less than 2 Mio EUR in the past 2 years that have not selected a supplier.

EVN Elektrani

EVN Elektrani is an electricity production company. It manages the generation of 11 small hydropower plants, all revitalized and automatically controlled. Their total installed capacity id 47MW, with an average annual production of 140 GWh which amounts to the consumption of approximately 20.000 households.