Urshka Starc-Peceny

URŠKA STARC-PECENY, PhD, – Chief Innovation Officer & Lead of Tourism 4.0
Arctur Vienna, AUSTRIA

Urška Starc-Peceny, PhD has gained an international education in Slovenia, Italy and Austria. Her Phd thesis in Business Communication with a specialization in the New Media and Technologies entitled “Netlife” has paved the way in 2001 in research of collaboration design in the reality in which AI and big data play an increasing role.

From Europe to Middle East, she has gained 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur by co-founding more companies and disruptive initiatives.

#collaboration #design #SmartEcosystems. As Chief Innovation Officer at Arctur Ltd., she currently leads the Tourism 4.0 department.

Living between Slovenia and Vienna, Austria, where she hacks the collaboration formats as lead of the NASA Space Apps Challenge in Austria, she is also a university lecturer in smart-related topics and proud mother of three children.

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October 23rd, Wednesday, 9:00am-10:00am Keynote “The Case of Slovenia: From Earth to Space with Smart Cities and Smart Tourism”

October 23rd, Wednesday, 11:15am-12:15pm

Panel 10: Building sustainable Smart Cities, resilient Societies and Economies

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Company details:

Motivated and inspired by what’s next, Arctur helps its clients navigate the unknown, drive change and transform their business.

Arctur’s resources span from High Performance Computing (HPC) and top-of-the-line Cloud infrastructure to many research labs like Web, IoT, 3D graphics and others. All connected in Arctur innovation center.

The unique blend of technology, creativity and experience is what creates opportunities.

Today Arctur has 30 employees, 80% of those with university degree education. Combined, we have over than 200 man/years of experience in the field of ICT R&D, programming, ICT counseling and design/3D animation. Our creativity, innovativeness and our enthusiasm at work are the main factors of our success.

We are the leading service providers of Supercomputing in Europe with the biggest private held HPC infrastructure. Following the XaaS model, we lease the Supercomputer along with the services of system administration, paraleliation and optimizing codes.

Arctur has extensive experience in server virtualization and deployment, integration of disparate IT-systems, IT support of project-management and server farm leverage. We were pioneers in adapting HPC services to the needs of Small and Media Enterprises (SME) and are still among trend setters in this specific area.

Our advanced IT solutions such as cloud-based project management system 4PM, and ADS content management have become indispensable tools for optimizing activities at numerous companies and institutions.

In recent years Arctur is active in the field of mobile solutions, interlacing them with web and Cloud platforms. The company has also entered the fast developing field of 3D printing, both in data acquisition and 3D modelling, supported with remote rendering and parallel computations in a dedicated Cloud-based ecosystem. Endeavours related to 3D technologies are often pertinent to the field of cultural heritage.